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Additional Venues


Enjoy an exclusive venue, surrounded by the beauty of a natural lake: the Lakeside. Perfect for private parties and gala dinners, this fresh, versatile location allows for areas to be sectioned off, each of which can be set up to have its very own feel.


2130 sqm
Banquet: 1.050 / Cocktail or Cocktail Dinatoire: 3.000


Explore the perfect venue for spectacular events – the Purobeach Beachfront beach club. With its unbeatable location on Vilamoura Beach, this venue makes it almost impossible for you not to relax and enjoy the festive, modern atmosphere, perfect for the most enjoyable of celebrations with guaranteed incredible views of the ocean.


Existing setup: 100 / Cocktail or Cocktail Dinatoire: 600 (indoor and outdoor)


Experience an exclusive new outdoor space at the contiguous Tivoli Marina Vilamoura Hotel, with its panoramic views of the hotel pool and ocean. A premium venue that benefits from the hotel’s 5-star service, being the perfect setting for a private dinner or cocktail reception.


333 sqm
Banquet: 180 / Cocktail Dinatoire: 200


A more exclusive venue, the Purobeach Poolside bar is the perfect location for a laid-back Cocktail Dinatoire or Sunset pool party, set to music carefully chosen by our resident DJ.


688 sqm
Cocktail or Cocktail Dinatoire: 280